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Black Ice Gravel Stone Chippings

Black ice gravel is a combination of black, grey and blue chippings that have deeper color tones when get wet. The contemporary look of black ice chippings makes them a general choice for garden projects, whether that be garden borders, pathways or enhancing other features by offering a stylish contrast.
As well as looking great, black ice gravel can be fruitful for moisture control and help suppress weed growth when used the alongside weed control fabric. If you are also looking for grey and blue stones without the black contrast, then it is great idea.
Black Ice gravel looks fantastic in all shapes & sizes of landscape designs. The two colors mix together perfectly to create a beautiful finish. This gravel really eye-catching on bright sunny days.
The decorative natural UK sourced stone chippings which are ideal for gardens and borders. These beautiful stone chippings change the color when get wet.

Product Information

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to add some extra grip to your walkway even to your home, black ice gravel is a great option. This type of gravel is made with a special blend of asphalt and aggregate, which makes it ideal for areas that experience freezing temperatures. Not only does black ice gravel provide extra traction, but it also has a sleek, modern look that can really enhance the appearance of your home or garden.

Black Ice Gravel: Size, Shape & Color

Black Ice is the sometimes referred to as Zebra gravel because of the contrasting colors of marble and basalt stones and the attractive selection of black, grey, & bluey white stones. Black Ice Gravel is hard-wearing gravel. Each stone is approximately 14-20mm however; there may be some variation in the sizes.
Black Ice 14-20mm is a mixture of Black Basalt and Blue/White Marble chips. It is very eye-catching and attractive decorative gravel which looks stunning against almost all paving options and are ideal for paths, driveways, and garden borders rockeries and although not fish friendly, they add fantastic colors to many water features.
A luxurious different black basalt and ice blue marble that sparkles beautifully in the sunshine. Use as a patio edging with our smooth, dark grey natural sandstone paving, for a sleek, contemporary view.
20mm Black Ice Gravel is a striking choice for any latest garden and changes color when get wet. Often referred to as (Panda Gravel) due to its blend of black, blue, white and grey stones, this beautiful stone ensures any path or border has a contemporary, polished appearance.
Available in 20-kg (approx.) handy-bags and 850-kg (approx.) grab bags, this 20-mm Black Ice Gravel is a highly durable, striking addition to all landscaping projects.

Black Ice Gravel: Uses

Black Ice is a perfect choice if you are looking for low maintenance work and swift beauty. Many of the customers use this gravel to create an ornamental surface and garden path. Used with the combination of black gravel or other materials such as slate tiles or polar white cobbles, it makes a bold statement.
Black Ice Gravel is also a fantastic option for driveways. It can also be used in garden borders or rockeries as the contrast of the colors against bright flowers and vibrant shrubbery is particularly eye-catching. We would highly recommend laying a weed prevention membrane under Black Ice Gravel to restrict the growth of weeds.
Black Ice Gravel is also suitable for footpaths, landscaping and as a decorative aggregate. Black and Ice Blue mixed together to provide a very attractive product in contemporary color tones. Suitable for paths, driveways and any other landscaping projects. This eye-catching item will really make your garden or pathway stand out.


Black ice gravel is available in 20-kg bags or larger bulk bags weighing between 850-kg to 1000-kg. Bulk bags hold approximately 0.64 cubic meters.
LARGE PLASTIC BAG (20 / 25-kg approximately).
MINI BULK BAG (covers an area of approximately 1.8m x 3.6m at a depth of approximately 50-mm).
LARGE BULK BAG (covers an area of approximately 3.6m x 3.6m at a depth of approximately 50-mm).

Features and Benefits

1. Ideal for the borders, water features and general landscaping area.
2. Helps suppress weed growth if used with the wickes landscape fabrics.
3. Increases moisture retention in the summer and provides insulation in winter.
4. Color changes when get wet.
5. This Product has been sourced in the United Kingdom, and will be delivered to your door..
6. This is a natural product and color, texture, particle size and shape may change.
7. Supplied in Plastic Packaging and Can Be Stored outside without Wastage problem.
8. Actual bag weights may change due to the level of moisture within the product.
9. Looks eye-catching in flowerbeds or paths.

Alternatives to black ice gravel

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting way to add some visual interest to your yard or garden, black ice gravel might be the perfect choice. This type of gravel is made up of small, black stones that have been polished to a shine. It’s a beautiful and modern option that can really make a space pop.
However, black ice gravel isn’t the only type of gravel out there. If you’re not sure if it’s the right choice for you, here are a few alternatives that you might want to consider:

  1. White Gravel: White gravel is a classic option that can give your space a clean and elegant look. It is also a very versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways.
  2. Pink Gravel: Pink gravel is a fun and playful option that can add a touch of whimsy to your yard or garden. It’ also great for creating contrast and adding visual interest to a space.
  3. Blue Gravel: Blue gravel is a beautiful and calming option that can create a serene atmosphere in your outdoor space. It’s also great for adding depth and dimension to a area.

Delivery Information

All deliveries within surrounding areas mostly made with one of own fleet of hi-ab Lorries. Don’t forget to leave the detailed information about where the goods have to be dropped.
It is your responsibility to advise the delivery restrictions you may have prior to the goods being dispatched, along with your full delivery address including postcode and correct contact telephone number.

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