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Trying to find solutions at Skip Hire Northampton to move around a “no trash” space? Welcome to the UK’s number 1 skip hiring service where we strive to make the world a more sustainable place. Waste is inevitable and has become a part of our everyday lives. But dumping trash carelessly is harming your environment, humanity and your loved ones. At Skip Hire Northampton, you can do your best for the planet by hiring all kinds of Skips, move affordably and live a zero-waste life forever. We as value-creators, present a cut-pricing scheme unlike corporations scamming customers with high unbearable prices. 

Why Choose Us

Cheap Skip Hire Northampton Best Services

Northampton skip hire blew up right away with massive numbers of customers because they provided an exclusive economic pricing strategy for the comfort of consumers. They transformed simply trash-dumping tradition with 100% recycling management, going easy-on-pockets and saving the environment at the very moment. You choose us to enjoy the best services as we provide–a world that works for everyone‎.


Waste is everywhere and the aim of Skip Hire in Northampton is to save the place and clean the space efficiently, available for customers who are desperately looking forward to waste management.


We provide best and easy-to-use litter removal skips to remove any and all types of rubbish. We take care of your domestic, commercial and industrial waste with-drawing needs at all times.


We are within reach of our customers with our man and van policy to provide always on time delivery of waste disposal tools. Our major concern is to supply skips, keeping in mind your balanced schedule.

Our Top-Rated Services

Skip Hire Northampton Sizes

Whether you need to hire miniature skips, premium containers or executive bodies, we support you by dispatching quality-convenient skips in your area and your place. Northampton skip hire stocks skips for all our customers looking for a trouble-free, all sizes skip hire. Home improvements, construction or garden work, every requirement is cared for. You can afford easily as we will provide you cheap skip hire prices.


Mini Skip Hire Northampton

Northampton’s mini Skip hire are the best skips, ideal for managing small amounts of waste‎.  We have a 2-yard mini skip and a 3-yard mini skip hire respectively. Mini skip hire size tends to be 2.5 cubic meters with specific dimensions such as‎5ft Length x 4ft width x 3ft height. 


Midi Skip Hire Northampton

Midi skip hire in Northampton is the exercise where you have a 4-yard skip at your disposal. It is greatly useful for home improvements projects, bulky waste or smaller range ‎construction works‎. Northampton’s midi skip has a low-back built with wheelbarrow assistance so you can manage and handle waste in the easiest way possible. 


Builder Skip Hire Northampton

A Builder skip provided by Northampton’s skip hire, are professional waste escapes which eliminates voluminous piles of trash. Far away from a daily commodity at home, it is exceedingly massive and spacious, extending up to 10 feet; a Builder skip supports your extreme builder needs.


Maxi Skip Hire Northampton

A maxi skip is an executive container, stocked in Northampton’s skip hire. This administrative body can easily transfer 100 to 200 black bags. It’s highly likely that our customers are unable to gauge or measure the amount of waste at their sites and that’s the reason we provide maxi skip in various sizes.‎


Roro Skip Hire Northampton

Roll-off/roll-on skip hire also known as RORO skip is delivered by Northampton’s skip hire service to manage large ratios of trash produced due to huge-scale demolition or house clear-outs can be easily accommodated with a long-term positive impact with RORO skips. If you go big, then this is exactly what you need.


Our Salient Features

Cheap Skip Hire Northampton Services

2 Yard Skip

Our 2-yard mini skip is our smallest gift for our customers. It can easily carry 20 to 30 black bags of garbage. Indeed, a very good and ideal choice for garbage clearance at home

3 Yard Skip

We have a 3-yard mini skip, the interesting endearment with a tree floor. It is slightly roomier and can support up to 30 to 40 black bags easily, making it a perfect house handle.

4 Yard Skip

Our 4-yard skip has peculiar measurements such as ‎7ft Length x 5ft width x 3ft height. For small scale maintenance works and removal of 40 to 50 black bags, it is your safe resort.

5 Yard Skip

We have a 5-yard midi skip that is absolutely well-managed and can hold up to 50 to 60 black bags. You don’t have to compost your needs but simply reduce your trash with a 5-yard skip.

6 Yard Skip

We provide our 6-yard skips for maximum ease of access and approximate rubble capacity for 60 to 70 black bags. It is large enough to tackle kitchen renovations or home improvements.

8 Yard Skip

An 8-yard skip is our standard body which is generally more convenient for bulky clearance or full-house clean ups. It is many times spacious, carrying upto 80 to 90 black bags.

10 Yard Skip

Our 10-yard skip has 12 Ft length x 6 Ft width x 6 Ft height. This skip includes removal of 100 to 110 black bags in an instant. Twice in size and quality, maxi is a tool for inert waste.

12 Yard Skip

A 12-yard skip is all about perfection. Leaving behind no trace of trash, this skip can lift up to 120 to 130 black bags.  Hazardous waste is for settling huge piles of waste.

14 Yard Skip

To transport 140 to 150 black bags, you have access to our 14-yard skip. This standard body spans up to13 feet designed for your specific refurbishment needs there and then.

16 Yard Skip

We have a 16-yard skip to brace your enormous projects, leaving you with a clean layout after disposing of 170 to 180 black bags, for all our customers requiring a not so little level-mark skip.

18 Yard Skip

Our 18-yard skip is a quality disposing tool for builders or hotel owners. Easily clearing the site, taking out 190 to 200 black bags, as it tends to ‎be 13.5 Ft length x 6.5 Ft width x 7 Ft height‎.

20 Yard Skip

For collecting enormous waste such as wood or metals, our 20-yard skip is the directorial container. It measures to be of ‎20 Ft length x 8 Ft width x 4 Ft height explaining enormity itself.

25 Yard Skip

We provide you our 25-yard skip which is safe and effective for commercial refits. This particular skip can wipe out 275 to 280 black bags whenever and wherever at your mere call.

30 Yard Skip

Unsuitable for small waste, our 30-yard skip is totally designed for certain heavy bodies of waste such as aggregates or soil. Having a pretty vast extension of 440 to 450 black bags, it is supreme.

40 Yard Skip

Our 40-yard skip is the president of skips to assist you in your not-so-common needs. As Northampton’s skip hire’s chief waste managing apparatus it can remove 440 to 450 black bags.

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I was looking for an affordable skip hire and Northampton Skip Hire delivered exactly what I wanted. Their service is remarkable. They cleared our whole space and thankfully my kids can play without me having to worry all the time. I highly recommend them.

Dan Mackenzie

Their skips are so convenient. I was a bit worried when I first booked my skip but they took care of my needs. It’s great to have Northampton skip hire and I can’t recommend enough that they provide the best services. My workload is managed now!

Jane Pitt

They are the best skip hire providers in Northampton. I had a garden party and my garden was filled with trash so I called them and they were so quick, courteous and helpful. They took care of the issues right away and I had spare time to get ready.

Zoe Sullivan